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Muslim immigrants

¨For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in¨. Matthew 25:35

привіт, Jama ngaam, Hola, Bon jour, Olá, Hi, أهْلاً

Immigrant people are part of God´s redemption plan. Throughout the pages of the Bible we see how God unwrapped His Salvation plan for the nations using immigrant people as a big part of what He planned. In fact one of the most famous verses in Jewish Scriptures starts with an immigrant leaving his hometown and his own people toward the wilderness trusting in God´s everlasting love.

Reflecting on these stories we find that what has given real life to many immigrants in the Bible account is friendship with God though Jesus the Messiah.

Since Spain is the closest point to the African continent, it is the gate of choice for immigrants accessing Europe. Yearly thousands of immigrants cross Spain to get to the northern countries of Europe. Immigrants are asked by European authorities to wait in Spain for a long period of time until receiving permission to travel through European territory.

We are convinced that our God is at work among all these immigrants crossing, or already settled in, Spain. Because of this we have intentionally gotten involved in serving them through different kinds of activities to help them in their new life in Europe. Our aim in serving immigrants is not to convert them to our faith but to show them that our service is a fruit of our own conversion. Therefore we want to serve immigrants by making our lives a living testimony, before their own eyes, of the message of the Messiah: answering at any time, any questions they might have about the hope that dwells in our hearts concerning the Messiah Jesus the One who has risen from the dead and lives forever.

These are the activities that we offer to immigrant people in Spain:

  • Spanish for immigrants
  • Spanish citizenship classes
  • Tutoring for immigrants’ children
  • Kids’ clubs
  • Advocacy & translation in their immigration paper process
  • Crafts for children and women / spare time activities
  • Sports clubs for teenagers
  • Home visitation

If you think that God is inviting you to serve immigrant people in Spain do not hesitate to contact us and ask for potential opportunities to serve with the skills that the Lord has given you.


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