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Madrid is a major European capital with over 6 million people in the wider metropolitan area. It has a fascinating history, many beautiful buildings and a dynamic atmosphere although in recent years the focus has been more on the present financial crisis which has made poverty and begging more evident and led to many demonstrations against political corruption, austerity measures and service cuts. Madrileños are disillusioned with religion, capitalism and the government creating a greater openness to the gospel.

WEC España has been working in Madrid since 1970. Currently, there are a wide variety of ministries including:

  • Bible clubs and after school programs for children with Rainbows of Hope 
  • Evangelism through English clubs and classes
  • Personal evangelism in whichever district workers are based
  • Church planting in collaboration with a local church
  • Counselling and pastoral care
  • Teaching ministry at a local seminary
  • Pastoral oversight of an indigenous Spanish church
  • Church based discipleship and support ministries

Madrid remains an important location for around a dozen or so workers at any given time and we aim to maintain a presence here and take advantage of this new openness to the gospel. So, whether or not you speak Spanish, why not come and visit Madrid? You’ll get a first-hand glimpse of what God is doing in Spain.

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