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WEC Spain works in the Lugo Province of Galicia in the north western corner of Spain just north of Portugal in partnership with the Buenas Noticias church of Lugo. Although Galicia has some of the oldest evangelical churches in Spain, at the present time it is one of the least evangelised areas. Until recently you could travel almost 200 km along the northern coastline through a variety of towns and villages without finding any evangelical presence.

Galicia is probably very different from the idea of Spain many people have. Instead of hot dry plains with rows of olive trees or vines as far as you can see and white painted pueblos where they drink sangria and dance flamenco, Galicia is well watered, green, mountainous and has a strong celtic identity. Here you are more likely to hear bagpipes than guitars and more likely to be offered octopus to eat than bull’s tail or paella. Galicia is the most remote of Spain’s provinces - at least 6 hours from Madrid by car - and has its own distinctive local language called Gallego.

Galicia is also more traditional in its beliefs and practices than many more urban centres and Roman Catholic church services are better attended here by people of all ages. While some are suspicious of outsiders and non-Catholic expressions of faith, others are more open minded and interested in thinking about alternatives.

Buenas Noticias’ church planting vision is to establish 10 fellowships of at least 10 believers in each of the remaining 10 counties of Lugo Province and WEC is collaborating in 2 of these. As WEC workers in the province, our aim is to use whatever “fruitful practices” we can to establish friendships and connections and then build on these to share our faith in a natural way. As people respond we hope to build communities of faith that can in due course become independent churches within the Buenas Noticias family with local leadership and their own outreach vision. Among the resources we find help us build connections are giving social help and advice, offering free English chat, getting involved in craft groups and generally trying to be visible in and around our communities to become known and make friends.

For reasons of trying to naturally integrate and present ourselves as followers of Jesus rather than “professional Christians”, we prefer not to identify individual workers and locations.

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