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Basque Country

Who are the Basque People?

When we think of the Basque people we think of their enduring rich cultural heritage, ancient indigenous European language, striking fertile landscape, and their resilience, warmth and beauty.

Despite having to work hard to retain their cultural and linguistic heritage amid attempts to weaken their identity during a very turbulent past, the Basque people are welcoming and open.

The Basque people are open to Jesus, but there are currently no evangelical Basque-speaking churches, with a very small number of evangelical Basque believers. We strive to see the Basque people as Jesus sees them, and in so doing we believe we can learn from them and grow together in following Jesus.

Who are we?

We are a team passionate about Jesus and loving the Basque People so they may know and follow Jesus. We see the beauty and life God has flooded into the Basque people’s ancient way of life, and we believe in the value of their language and their vibrant culture. We love living in and being part of the Basque Country, and some of us are learning the Basque language and presenting Jesus within our communities, trusting we will see a church-planting movement among the Basque people, discipleship that empowers others and transforms communities.

We are here to serve, we are here to share, we are here so the beautiful Basque people may embrace the wonderful person of Jesus.

For More

Read: “The Basque History of the World” by Mark Kurlansky and the history of the Basque people on Wikipedia.

Learn: The Basque language—make it a priority. The Basque language is the difference between being an insider or outsider into their culture.
BOGA: Basque method devoloped by HABE to learn Basque online. It is used in Euskaltegis in the Basque Country as well as in Basque clubs in the Diaspora, for whom the system is free. It is available in Spanish and English: www.ikasten.ikasbil.net/course

Pray: For Basque people to encounter and share Jesus within their ancient homeland.

Visit: The Basque Country for a short trip or to join our team long term.

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