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Granada (Andalucia)

The city of Granada is in the south of Spain between the sea and the highest mountains in Iberia. The population of the city and urban area is about 480.000 and there are many towns scattered around the large province. It is an area rich in agriculture especially olives, in the central area and tropical fruit on the coast. Granada has for centuries been famous for the large university and has many Spanish students, as well as many from overseas... especially from North Africa. The people of Granada are proud of their long history especially of the centuries of Muslim, Jewish and Christian presence which is to be seen in the many historic buildings and culture. Granada, like so many Spanish cities is tradicionally Roman Catholic, very devoted to its images and processions, its fiestas and past history. But  there is also much restlessness in the minds and hearts of the younger generation who are very open to Islam, Buddhism, New Age and less conservative political parties.

There has been a small evangelical presence in the city since the 19th century, but growth has been very slow. Each month a group of pastors of some of the churches meet together to be encouraged and give a united voice to the evangelicals in the city and province.

Wec began a church planting ministry in the area two years ago. As we have spent time getting to know the community and becoming involved in activites like the local book club, a hiking group, and local council activities we have found friends who have helped us understand the city and its ways and have introduced us into many areas of community life which have enriched us and also given us many opportunities to share our faith in Christ. About a year ago we began a small house meeting where we weekly meet with a few people who want to get to know God better and gradually we are all learning more about Him and His plan for our lives and this city. Most have come from roman catholic backgrounds and for many of them it’s the first time they have been in an evangelical meeting. We also have visited regulary small towns to walk, pray and share the gospel as the Spirit has led us. We particulary have a burden for the large area called the Alpulharra where there are many scattered towns in the mountainous area.

There are open doors to those called of God, who love to be part of a team, and who are prepared to love this wonderful city and be open to new ideas, creative ways, and have a deep personal walk with Christ. We believe it is important to see groups started who firstly love God with all their heart who love to worship Him and who are learning to walk with Him in a simple deep way as He leads.  We believe He will open doors of ministry to the community we live in. Granada has a deep historical link to Islam and in many different ways we seek to love and share Christ with the many moslems who live and work here. It is one of the holy cities in islam and is visited by many isalmic tourist every year.

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