What we do?

"For God´s glory, seeing teams working together, making disciples, forming churches.”

WEC Spain field bylaws state that “WEC Spain’s primary focus is church-planting.” This is because we believe that the church is God’s primary pattern for communicating the gospel, discipling believers and ministering to the needs of the community.

Personal evangelism and individual discipleship are crucial but should be seen as part of a process that goes on to gather individuals into worshipping, learning, supportive communities.

Currently a number of Spanish congregations owe their origins to WEC presence over the years, in particular the Betel churches which have grown from work among people with alcohol and drug related problems.

Besides this, the WEC team is currently working in Madrid, the Basque region, Granada, Asturias, Almaria and Galicia often with a church planting emphasis. Of course other mission agencies, national denominations and church families are also engaged in church planting and where possible we believe in partnering with the national church.

Other ministries within our team include evangelism, church planting, children’s ministry, counselling, outreach to immigrants and training of future leaders.