WEC España is...

procesiones lorcaThe influence of traditional forms of faith in Spain has been declining rapidly in recent years with now less than 25% of Spaniards active members of the Roman Catholic Church. At the same time, Spain has almost no tradition of protestant / evangelical belief and the evangelical community is a tiny proportion of the population - often given as only 0.4%  In fact, evangelicals have previously been a marginalised and discriminated minority and are still considered a sect by many.

Besides this, those who have responded to the gospel have often tended to be from “outsider” groups such as the gypsy people, drug and alcohol addicts and immigrants. This means that normal mainstream Spaniards have had little opportunity to hear, understand and respond to a presentation of Biblical faith. We believe that everyone in Spain from every social and cultural group needs to understand who Jesus is and the difference a personal relationship with Him makes.

In spite of amazing economic growth in the past, Spain now finds itself in an economic, political and social crisis. In the midst of unemployment, poverty, and increasing pressure on family life, many Spaniards are looking for answers and hope. While this has led to hostility to traditional beliefs and growth in some sects and new age movements it has also led to an increasing openness to the good news of the gospel. We believe Christ is the ultimate answer to the many problems Spain now faces.

So we aim to be led by Him to bring a message of hope through an encounter with Christ. We love Spain and Spanish people and want to see strong, Christ-centred, indigenous churches established to further influence and impact this wonderful country. And in the meantime we are praying and looking for short and long term workers to join us in reaching these goals. Maybe you could have a part to play in this amazing enterprise!