The day I was part of a "Kuadrilla"

A “Kuadrilla” is a very Basque concept, everyone around here belongs to one. It’s the group of friends you have had since you were little so, to be part of one is very difficult to whoever comes as an adult to this region.

It all began on the day of the “fiestas” in the town I’m living in. We were finally going to perform what we had been rehearsing for a long time. At 9 a.m. we gathered to put on our dance costumes (such as that seen in the photo). As soon as I got to the place I realized that we had a group of musicians available to follow us wherever we were going. When we were all dressed up, we went for a very heavy breakfast (with cider and chorizos) and as we walked towards the place of our breakfast the three-man band was leading the way playing some traditional Basque music.All the people came out of their houses to see us. What a way to catch people's attention!

When we had finished our meal, we went to the central square to do what we had planned. Everything went very well and people were very much encouraging to me as they could see how I was involved in their customs. After that, we went to another place for lunch and the afternoon ended up singing and dancing altogether. Halfway through the party, someone started to handle out the neckerchiefs everyone belonging to a "kuadrilla" wears. And they gave me one! That day, without being able to contain my tears, I realized that they made me part of themselves. For that day I was one of them. How good is our God!