WEC Trek's vision is to provide short-term (up to 2 years) opportunities for individuals or small teams to share your faith and demonstrate God's love practically, supporting WEC ministries worldwide.

Treks involve not just the short-term participants, but also the senders and the receivers - you will be sent from your church, and you will be received as a part of a team of people involved in cross cultural ministry among unreached peoples. Experienced missionaries will prepare you before you go with orientation that will help you make the most of your trek.

Almost all of WEC's 101+ teams have opportunities for short term ministry, but whichever you choose to 'trek' to will ultimately lead to seeing people reached and churches planted. We'll prepare you well before you go, keep in touch while you're overseas and work through things with you and your church once you're back.

If you're interested, check if you meet these five essentials:

  • You have a living relationship with God that is confirmed by your church leadership.
  • You are interested in exploring cross cultural mission with an openness to have God lead you back into such a ministry for a longer period.
  • You have a church that is willing to send you.
  • You are at least 18.
  • You are willing to have a police/working with children check. If you are going for a month or longer, you will need to have a medical check.

If you can say 'yes' to these, either fill in an initial application form or get in touch with us. A mobiliser will then contact you & your church to talk over what happens next.