If you're ready to give more than 2 years, you can really start to make some headway into people's lives. That's what we call 'Long Term'.

If you're going to go for more than 2 years then you're going to have different questions, needs and expectations than someone going for a shorter time. Of course, what you can do is going to be different too.

When you go long term with WEC, we start with preparing you well so that when you get overseas you're as ready as you can be (see our processes page for a deeper look at this part of preparation).

Once you're overseas, there will be a time of orientation to your country including language and culture learning so you can really interact with the people you're serving on a deep level. The length of this will depend on how hard the language & culture is to get hold of, and if you need to learn a second language to really understand & be understood by the people you want to share with - but all along the way you'll have help to understand things, both from locals and from the WEC team around you.

The great news though is that as soon as you're on a WEC field long term you become a part of a team of people who will hear your questions, your ideas, your input into the whole team's ministry - in other words you become a valued member of a team of people working together to reach people and plant churches.