Church Planting

WEC International’s primary goals are “Reaching the Unreached” and “Planting where there is no church”. WEC España wholeheartedly supports these goals. Although Spain has a long Christian tradition, we believe that modern Spaniards need to discover a personal life changing relationship with Christ, grow in that relationship and in turn also reach out to their fellow citizens. We believe that the church is God’s primary pattern for communicating the gospel, discipling believers and ministering to the needs of the community. So personal evangelism and individual discipleship are crucial but should be seen as part of a process that goes on to gather individuals into worshipping, learning, supportive communities.

So Spaniards need Christ - and churches to grow in - but have little cultural background to understand or accept the Gospel and, as things stand, little opportunity to even hear it. We aim to reach Spaniards and plant churches using whatever cultural bridges and connections seem appropriate to build relationships, share the good news, lead people into personal commitment and disciple them into growing faith communities.

Of course that looks different in different parts of the country, among different cultural groups and also depending of the gifts and personality God has given our teams. However we always aim to look for cultural connections to build bridges which can allow us to offer something valuable and demonstrate our interest and contribution. Among our team we have members involved in counseling, youth and children’s work, English chat groups, sports, social service, dance, playing with local musicians, craft classes for children and young people, clothing distribution and a variety of other activities. In our experience these often lead to deeper conversations as people are curious about why we have left our own countries to live in Spain and what our personal goals are. This in turn allows us to talk about faith, God’s leading and what motivates us at a fundamental level.

So if “reaching the unreached” and “planting where there is no church” excites you and you feel God may be calling you to Spain, get in touch with us, learn more and explore God’s big plan for church planting and what part you could play in it.